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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We have assembled some information in the hopes it will help in the choices ahead, when considering a web site.  If you do not find the answer you need, feel free to contact us.
Can you help with my web site? What is the advantage verses free?
What is a web site? Is email available?
What kinds of sites are there? How fancy does it have to be?
What is a domain? Are chat rooms & other services available?
Do I need a domain or sub domain? How do I use my pictures?
What will my web site address (URL) be? How do people find me?
What is web hosting? How do I get you my info?
How much is it?  If you have any other questions, Contact Us?

Can you help with my web site?
Yes, we can. This F.A.Q  has been prepared to help you decide how to put your web site together.  Continue to read on, and keep a list of ideas or questions you may have, this will help us while designing your web site.
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What is a web site?
• A web site is simply a single, or a collection of pages used to show your information about a person, place, product etc...  to the internet community. Currently you are on a web site that shows you the services that we can provide for you.
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What types of sites are there?
• Personal, family, hobby, soapbox, business, a billboard, advertisement, to sell, product information, employee information,  customer feedback, Nonprofit - churches, help, services, local government, Tourism associations, etc.
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What is a domain?
• A domain is a permanent address for your website, usually associated with your name, your business name, or what your site is for.  Ex: for Silverthorn Enterprises.
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Do I need a domain, or sub domain?
• That's always a matter for debate.  If your business or organization expects many visitors or your product is heavily associated with your name, you may want to invest in a domain name, otherwise you might want to consider a sub domain as it is less expensive.
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What will my web address be?
• For a sub domain site your web address would be http://www.(domain chosen).com/yourname
• For a domain site your web address would be http://www.(domain chosen).com
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What is web hosting?
• All web sites are hosted by a server.  The server is tied to a vast network of other servers, much like the different towns we live in.  Every website has an address  or url which is very similar to our street address at home.  A web site must have a server and address in order for others in the internet community to find it just like our mail is delivered.  You can have peace of mind with a hosting service, as they will deal with any technical problems that arise.
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How much is it?
•Depending on how you decide to host your site, you will need to consider the following, domain registration, site hosting, design, searchability, and maintenance. - host with us and we take care of all of this. Domain registration- $8-25, site hosting - $25 per month, design (based on 6 pages) $325, searchability - $75 - $300, and maintenance - $200 - $500 per year.
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What is the advantage verses free?
• For a sub domain hosted on one of our domains, the cost is inexpensive and there are no advertising or pop ups on your page(s), however a link back to the domain site would be appreciated (but is totally optional). We will NOT host illegal or sexually explicate sites.  Our domains are Child Safe Sites.
• for the domain site there can be many advantages. Less down time if you have a popular site, several added services for the domain such as chat room and guest books (with no ads or pop ups), and the best one is you can keep the length of your web site address short. These are just a few of the advantages to a domain.
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Is email available?
• Yes, the email cost varies with the hosting you choose.
   • If you choose to host on one of our sites as a sub domain
     you may have one email address for $2 a month.
  • If you have a domain site, the number of email address you can have
     will vary but your email will be yourname@(domain).com
  • or you may choose from many places where you can get FREE lifetime email addresses. Ex: hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc..
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How fancy does it have to be?
•  It depends on how you want to present your site and your personal taste. Most business sites need to be less flashy so that more of the public can access the pages without stopping to load plug in's.
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Are chat rooms & other services available?
• Yes, Silverthorn Web Design has the ability to support Chat Rooms and other added services, with out pop up ads.  Our domain host servers do support these services as well.
• If the pop up adds do not bother you, we can explore services available online.
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How do I use my pictures?
• Pictures are used to give a visual presentation of what you are trying to promote.  Please remember, use the best pictures you have to give a full visual display of your subject.  Pictures can be scanned, or developed and put on a disk.  In order to use these pictures on the web, they must be in .gif or .jpg format, and should also be optimized to keep file sizes small.
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How do people find me?
•  There are three (3) ways to be found.
    1).  It is a good Idea to have your website address and email on all printed advertisement you distribute.
    2).  Have others with web sites link to yours.  If they like your site they will link to you and tell others.
    3).  Have your web site listed in the search engines.  In order to be listed in search engines you must register with them.  Please remember that METATAGS, Description, page title and more are necessary for the engines to catalogue your site properly.
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How do I get you my info?
• If we are to do your site, you can deliver information and pictures through US mail, Email (no more than 2 mb), or drop it off which is preferred so we can discuss the styling of your site to fit your needs.
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